App Crashing on new update v4.41.0 in IOS 15.6


Looking for help to resolve this new issue since updating to v4.41.0. The app has started to crash immediately on tapping to open. The app doesn’t open at all.

IOS 15.6/Apple XS Max

Not possible to show screenshots as it instantly closes.

Am happy to delete Monzo app then re download if that may help but don’t want to lose all the receipts and notes in the app?

Thanks for any help or advice to resolve this.


@AlanDoe another for the list!

@G739 this seems to be a common problem recently :disappointed: I think Monzo is on it though :muscle:


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Sorry that you’re experiencing an issue with the app launching - the current way to resolve this is through deleting and then re-installing the app but we’ve raised this with our team to work on a more permanent fix.

Adding this to the list :white_check_mark:

Raised internally :white_check_mark:


Same issue here on the latest iOS. Monzo makes my phone restart itself randomly then when it comes back the app won’t open. It just closes immediately so I need to delete it, restart again then download it and set up my account all over again. This usually works for a few hours but I find that I need to reinstall monzo at least 3-4 times PER DAY. It’s bad enough the app does this but it also restarts my phone (analytics reports all point to monzo being the issue)