API Feed Items returning a "false" error


I’ve been writing an application which uses the /feed endpoint in the API. I’ve run into problems while testing due to an error being returned every time.

The error returned states that the “type” field is missing but it is there and valid. Currently, there is only one valid value for “type” which is “basic”. Even when present in a request, an error is returned. This behaves the same from my program and from the developers.monzo.com interface online.

Here is an example of the problem:


I haven’t used the Monzo API, so only taking a quick guess by looking at the docs.

Do you have any requests working to another endpoint? Having a quick look over the docs it looks like the API takes simple name value pairs as post data, but it looks like you’re sending JSON.

The API may full well accept JSON (or the app you’re using convert to name value pairs), though.

Hi Dan,

I have plenty of requests to other endpoints, which work without issue and as expected.

In the image I posted, it shows the Monzo developers UI which uses JSON and transforms it into form data - I believe this is to make it easier to play around with.

My request to the /feed endpoint, uses valid form data/name-key pairs with the correct content type - it’s pretty much a direct implementation of the Docs.

I’ve logged into the API playground and ran into the same thing myself.

To make sure it isn’t the playground itself causing the issue, I checked out the request it sends directly to the API.

The type parameter is included, as shown below:

The API docs are pretty straightforward, so I imagine this is either a bug or something obscure that isn’t explained very well in the docs.

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Sorry, I can’t tell, did you get an error with your test?

Sorry, that wasn’t clear! Yes, I did get an error, exactly the same error/problem as you.

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Ah, at least I’m not the only one! As suspected, this must be a bug with the API :frowning_face:!

Do you have a trace ID for the API call? It should be part of the returned HTTP headers. If you can find it, I can take a peak tomorrow and see what’s gone wrong.


The Trace-Id header has a value of ‘1fc8cfd2-4d2f-4abc-570c-4318da983da6’.

Yep this looks like a bug. But it shouldn’t prevent the feed item from being created, only prevent a push notification from being sent.

The bad_request.missing_param.type is percolating up from deep in our stack the missing type hasn’t got anything to do with the type specified in the API.


That sounds about right. Feed items can be created but push notification are not being sent.

Thanks for looking into this, is this expected to be fixed anytime soon?

Someone looking at this now. We’ll probably have something out by the end of the day.