API access to Monzo Plus accounts from other banks

If you are using a Monzo Plus or Premium account and connect other accounts such as Amex / HSBC etc are these accounts also accessible using the Monzo API?


I don’t believe they are, it’d be very handy if they were though


Unfortunately this is not currently possible!

Not possible as in the API doesn’t currently expose this, or not possible as in there are regulations which would prevent you from ever doing this through the API ?

Our API doesn’t currently include this. I don’t know if we’ll do this in future, sorry!

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Good news that it’s not been ruled out then

That’s a shame, I came here hoping to find the answer to this. I have my credit card added via Open Banking and wanted to put money in a pot every time I spent on the credit card so I can pay it off from that pot every month.

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If your credit card app produces notifications (more seem to be doing this, thankfully) and you’re on Android, you can do this via IFTTT.

I have it for my Amex; (1) each purchase is recorded on a Google Sheet, and (2) Each new record generates a “put this money in the Amex pot” action.

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