Monzo in Malaŵi 🇲🇼

(Alex Sherwood) #1

Copied from a review by Hiley in the iOS app store (who have the app :star::star::star::star::star: too, of course)

Just returned from 3 months travelling in Africa and this card CHANGES EVERYTHING. No fees means no more exchanging for cash everywhere; the rate’s the same so use the card! Also, the app tells me what I’ve just spent, in local and home currency, the INSTANT I use the card, so I see exactly what’s just been charged. Instant confidence with every transaction; in Africa!!

I had a problem with a dodgy ATM in Malawi which appeared to charge me but then said ‘transaction cancelled’. I used the support part of the app (at 7pm UK time) and quickly had a cool chap text me back that everything’s groovy and i’ve not been charged. This is the future.

Travelling With Monzo: Africa
(Andrew Steele) #2

In much of Sub-Saharan Africa Mastercard is less well accepted than Visa. This is true in Malawi where many ATMs are Visa only. Look for National Bank (NB) or Standard Bank (Stanbic) which I found accepted Mastercard.

Oh, and ATMs seem to run low on cash over the weekend. I couldn’t find a working ATM on a Sunday - all had run out of cash and needed to wait until the Monday to be re-filled…