South Africa Trip

I am planning a trip with family to cape town, our UK banks accounts want to charge us triple to what the exchange rate is. curious to know the full details about Monzo and if it actually works over there, without charging us a fortune
thank you

You might want to check out this topic:

[edit] - I wasn’t beaten to it! Enjoy your trip @bexdavies99

Rebecca, hi and welcome.

I’m not a Monzo account holder so can’t give you any advice on card acceptance etc, but I do visit South Africa frequently particularly Cape Town and the Eastern Cape though I have travelled extensively throughout SA. If you want any advice on things to do/what not to do, places to visit and particularly, how to save money on flights getting there, please feel free to PM me.

Hi Topsy,
I am just curious why you aren’t a Monzo card holder, but are here following the forums? Are you based outside the UK perhaps?

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Hi, I’m not a Monzo card holder because I am a Starling Bank card holder and unfortunately the Starling forum was closed. It’s nice to actually still be a part of a fintech community, even though I don’t have a Monzo card. I am UK based.

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I am from cape town, i just need info on monza

Ahh, got you. I thought you were here in the UK.