Anyone seen this post from Reddit?

Pretty scary if it’s legit.

But really is it even possible I get the whole email and magic link but they need a pin don’t they to move the cash to another account and obviously there would be logs of the account it’s sent to?

I have my suspicions. There are a lot of inconsistencies.


No push notifications? PIN would be needed to transfer and they’d need access to the email

15k loan when they don’t use the account?


Seen someone say they check his Reddit account and its his (kids) who posted about buying 3k of stuff on another sub-reddit

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If the account has been barely used I doubt they will have a £1,000 overdraft and £15,000 loan.


Many people with excellent credit history and in full use of Monzo are complaining in this forum that don’t have overdrafts and loans offered to them, and this person just open an account, with no money in it and it was offered the full 15k loan? :thinking:


Smells :fish: to me given all the above and how the accounts actually work…

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alewis2005 makes a good point on the Reddit thread.

I’m deploying the “chinny reckon”.


Oh it’s been years since I heard that. Post of the day.


If their heart is out of their chest, they definitely need urgent help. :woman_health_worker: :grimacing:

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Didn’t happen of the week award goes to…

Biggest load of shit I’ve ever read.

Shame Monzo don’t have the minerals to go on there and have him out publicly with facts.


100% nonsense… But, if he had o been an occasional user with a good credit history etc could this type of fraud actually happen within monzo? If so I’d like to be able to opt out out (like more that going out you go out out)

Reading the post on Reddit, the user previously made a post about a $3k Fashion haul of some kind - so soemthing doesn’t seem to add up.

It seems the Reddit account is shared by Father/Son, with Fasion buys from Son, account that is Hacked from Dad.

I wonder if this might be an inside job

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Either way though, it does make me rethink the security status of my primary email address.

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He seems to have gone quiet after being called out and asked for proof :joy_cat:

He did post screenshots of his account going from £5-£10 transactions, to a whopping £15k of activity.

Not proof per se, but does suggest some activity.

Where, I can’t see pics?

Then again I don’t use Reddit lol