Anyone seen this post from Reddit?

There’s a thread in LegalAdvice too -


I won’t post a link to the actual thread - but the image he shared there is 3x screenshots with most months having about £100 or less of activity.

Doesn’t cover the loan side, per se, other than having no activity to A LOT in August.

Something dodgy here

Hmm, if the account was compromised then I can understand the bank transfers, but there appear to have been other transactions (tagged as shopping in the latest screen shot). Surely that would only be tagged as such if it was a card transaction? Does that mean the card has been stolen/cloned too? Odd.

‘They’ve then sent all the money to other bank accounts AND SPENT IT ON STUFF’

Impressive that he knows what they’ve done with the money once it reached other accounts. It’s almost like he has access to statements for those accounts, too…


So what would need to be true for this to be genuine?

  1. Someone knows the Posters email address.
  2. Someone has access to his email account.
  3. Someone intercepted the magic link before the account owner did
  4. Someone applied for a Loan, (and I assume needed to enter the PIN?)
  5. Someone set up a new payee, and entered the PIN to do so
  6. Likely had to repeat that action the next day, given a £10k daily transaction limit.

Not sure what verification one needs to apply for a loan, but assume you need at least the card pin.

And presumably he can go back through the feed to locate the Sort Code / AC no of the bank it went to, and when,

Not saying it isn’t fraud - but seems unlikely this is a random attack from breached info online?

Says no transactions, then 15k loan + 1k overdraft that makes 16k not the 26k the summary shows as spent.

There was apparently a loan taken out and immediately repaid. Might be that.

And yet the person with access didn’t put a password on the email to make sure it was still accessible after they’d got access to it

This does not add up, doesn’t use account but has loads of ‘normal’ transactions?

So the poster has just put screenshots of the feed - if legit, it appears to be £10.5k loan paid, then immediately paid back, then a £15k Loan taken out.

And then multiple transfers out of the account over the course of a few days, to various accounts - some EU which seem to be Transferwise transactions in app,

Plus a few card transactions in various apps and websites.

Picture in the chat link is a young kid. Definitely not old enough to have a 16 year old son.

Isn’t that Monzo COps in the chat?

Oh hell I’ve had a 'mare!


Apparently he’s 17 now a few hours later.

How would anyone get 2 loans in a row from monzo? Do they let that?

Just Eat, McDonalds, etc. All need a card. The card is compromised too. So, they have a card (or a clone of it) and his PIN and his email access? Yikes.

Yes, I think you could probably get 2 loans if the first is repaid immediately.

Very nice of them to put notes on the fraudulent transactions


Has anyone here taken out a loan? What is the process flow at the confirmation end? Do you have to plug in any ID or any other verification beyond PIN?

Poster has deleted his reddit account now…

Account is still there, the 2 topics have been removed.

Coz it was fake lol

I’m reminded of the chap who reported fraud on his card and then admitted that his friends know his PIN, and it turned out then it was a friend using his card while he was asleep. End result, not much of a leg to stand on.