Anyone paying for Sky Sports

You can pause your subscription in your online account.

You’ll still be able to watch all the sports channels, and the payment will start again “as soon as the actions returns”, whenever that is…


Are you saying you can pause payments or are you just deferring them?

Definitely says ‘pausing’:


Thanks have added the link!

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You sir, are a true gent !! :grinning: Thanks for the heads-up (and link).


Great yes I sub to sky sports only for the football.
Thanks dude :grin::grin::+1:t3:

When they say " when the action returns" does this mean live sports or just the footie?

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Virgin Media customers can also pause their subscription using this form

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Who knows, it’s pretty ambiguous!

I assume its when live sports resumes
Either way saving money is good :+1:t3:

I’ve paused but the channels are still on, will they go off next month?

Read the link that was posted above :point_up:

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No I have DAZN Canada :wink:

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My sky account is showing the discount until July 2020 so I’m guessing it ends then

BT Sports are doing something similar, but you have to call them and they are crediting one month if you still on a contract they will also remove HD as none contract element straight away.

If the footy is still off for may will be calling up again :wink:

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