Anyone had issues like this with a high street bank?

Essentially I made a 6.2k cash deposit into a high street bank last month and I got victimised at the time and then this morning the account got frozen. Has similar happened to other people?

Just unsure where I stand since it’s legitimate funds

What do you mean victimised?

It sounds like normal fraud prevention behaviour that all banks will do. Usually a call to them and/or a visit to explain allows for the funds to be released.


What do you mean by victimised?

But yes, having an account frozen temporarily happens to a lot of people

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£6.2k in cash is a lot. Think it would trigger extra checks in all banks


What happened, Becky?


This doesn’t sound dramatic at all…


I think you typed it wrong :thinking:

What you meant to ask was, has anyone come up against automated fraud checks when transferring / depositing one off payments.

The answer

Yes plenty people have, it’s to safeguard funds, stop money laundering etc. It’s often cleared up by proving where the funds are coming from.

It’s just the banking system in action.


I’m surprised they didn’t ask you for proof of source when you deposited it. But the main thing to do is get all the documents you can to prove it’s legitimate, and take it into branch (documents like an invoice for the work you did, or a statement showing you withdrew that exact amount from another one of your accounts etc)

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In my experience they never ask for this just where it’s from but then again I’ve never deposited anywhere near this or even had that in physical cash :open_mouth:

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I remember being quizzed when I went to deposit £2500 into my FlexDirect account in order to qualify for the 5% interest that the account paid at the time.(remember interest??? :joy:)

I just told them the truth
“I’ve borrowed it off the missus to make a free £125”, not a lot they could say really lol


Who’s Becky?

They took me into a side room after it was counted and demand to know the source since wages get paid directly.
I explained it wasn’t a wage and it’s money I’m owed which can be confirmed due to a similar amount going out 7 weeks before my deposit so it’s that person repaying me.

They then went to get the manager who said why couldn’t the person just transfer it. I was clueless at that point and offered to ring the people who gave the cash to show a withdrawal receipt.

After that they asked if I want to sign up to a business account randomly… after me explaining I don’t own a business again they asked me to leave and put it into the account. Everything was fine until now.

Feel like I got treated like I’m a criminal or it’s fake cash

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It’s never happened to me before.

They normally just huff & puff at having to count it all out without questioning it.

Becky was your old account before everyone realised you just used to lie and troll, so you made a new account.

Easy to forget these things I suppose. I hope you get your money issues sorted.


Your alter ego.

You be like the man from split sometimes - coming here with different accounts and personas.


I guarantee this thread is gonna get locked before the end of the week


I don’t know whether to focus on the horrific grammar here, or go all ‘Judith Charmers’ on the forum and point out what a lovely place Split is, and how nice all the people I met there were. Being a man from Split is a great thing.

Apologies if I’m being obtuse here, but how do you know with such certainty that they’re the same person? Did I miss something? :thinking:

To answer the question at hand though, yes it’s normal for banks to do this, particularly if there are warning signs, such as the deposit being disproportionately high relative to their perception of your income, or if such large deposits are rare. They want to be careful.

Your stature with the bank plays a part too. If you have just a generic account they offer to everyone, then you’ll run into these problems more frequently. If you have one of the accounts reserved for higher earners or wealthier clientele, these issues are much less common.


This sounds like what’s referred to as a “Banking protocol” and is the bank and its employees doing their job; it’s quite normal and broadly speaking if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.

Being taken to another room is likely a courtesy to stop any embarrassment being quizzed in the bank in front of others.

Also I missed that this was a cash deposit. That’s a large amount of cash to have; it generally is much easier to transfer online so it would flag in any banker’s mind as needing some investigating. They will be making sure that you’re not depositing cash that has come about in an illegal manner. The effort to withdraw £6k from a bank is far more than just a bank transfer so it does seem strange on the offset that someone who owed you money gave it you in cash rather than transfer.


Maybe Revels is doing a double bluff here and is in fact both Sasha and Becky and that’s how they know with such certainty! Oooh, this is becoming worthy of Columbo, so many twists and turns…