Anyone ever used any of the CARROT Apps?

Anyone ever used any of the CARROT iOS (or Android for that matter…) apps? My girlfriend struggles to get out of bed in the morning & have seen that CARROT (their ‘judgmental’ artificial intelligence software) makes you perform strange tasks on your phone before it deems you awake. Wondering if it may help or just end up with her throwing her phone at the wall…

They also have a judgmental app for: To-Do, Weather, Calories & Fitness. Look forward to replies!

I use Carrot Weather - I just make sure it’s on silent before opening it in front of the kids!

It’s a gimmick at the end of the day, although their weather data is better than most (it’s the same as Dark Sky), and it can vary on location.

As for the “get out of bed” routine - It’s definitely not for me…

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I prefer dark sky on iOS, but use Carrot on OSX as it’s got a great widget for notification centre and like on iOS it can pop up alerts at set times and before weather events.

Didn’t enjoy their workout app though.

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Do you know if it is cross platform enabled? For example, if I purchase on iOS, can I use it on my iPad/Mac?

Is that speaking from someone who has tried their routine?

No, it’s just my personal feelings on it (those kind of things just wouldn’t work for me).

But if it works for your girlfriend, the apps themselves are very nicely done! :smiley:

I use Alarmy - one of many apps which allows you to set up tasks to stop an alarm. Answering maths questions usually helps me wake up!

Carrot Weather is ace for me. Not used the Alarm as I use Sleep Cycle for that.

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No, they’re separate purchases I believe. At the moment free apps that let you log into a service can be premium across platforms, but these are just both premium apps. I think next year as more Apps become cross platform compatible they will start allowing developers to bundle apps on the Mac App Store and iOS App Store, but not yet!

So you actually have to pre-set the questions before going to bed? Not sure I (or especially the mrs) could be bothered to do that each night… Thank you though!

Thanks for the heads up. Seems slightly unfair that if I purchased the iPhone app that I couldn’t use the iPad app but I guess that’s how they make their money.

You can use the iPad app if you purchase the iPhone app. They are the same app, just download it on your iPad and it’ll run the iPad version.

It’s the macOS app that requires a separate purchase.

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Use Carrot Weather, has the best and most customisable complications on Apple Watch, so it’s used there a lot.

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Oh I see, excellent thanks for clarifying!

@Sachaz do you have to pay extra for the Apple Watch functionality/features?

That would be rather silly :laughing: . You set an alarm as normal, choose what kind of task you want and what days you want it and it randomly generates questions each day. Setup is the same as any other alarm.

Task options include maths questions, taking a photo, or shaking the phone X times.

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yeah in the Premier Club level, which is £2.29 a year, worth it for complications

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