Widget background


I use Carrot Weather, which for me is one of the cutting edge weather apps on iOS. They have a notification centre widget, where you can turn dark mode on or off. I’m not sure if this is known or not, but to me the background for the Monzo widget doesn’t tie in with any of the stock app widgets.

I will add screenshots once I’m home as I think that will highlight it more. Maybe I’m being too picky. The option to switch between dark and light would be nice too, but not essential.


I also choose between dark and light settings in the Gismeteo and Gismeteo Lite app on my Android phone and tablet. Think similar in a banking app good idea…or a satnav like automatic switch between day and night mode

(Rika Raybould) #3

Running off the top of my head here but I believe that pre-iOS 10 widgets automatically get the darker theme. A widget built for iOS 10 gets a default of white along with a lot more flexibility in layout and backgrounds.

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

This is how it looks on iOS 10 with the new update. You’ll get it very :soon:

We need to adjust a bit the internal alignment of the widget but colours are not a problem, it feels as good as the system level widgets :slight_smile:

PS: Yes, I don’t have friends.

(Colin Robinson) #5

You may not have friends, but you do have a community :smile:


@hugo That looks 100 times better, to be honest I thought you’d have it all under control :sweat_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Maybe it’s just me but the gap between the two sets of figures seems pretty wide (in your screenshot & TF, on an iPhone 6S with iOS 10).

I’m not using any widgets like Batteries (with the 2 column format) either to compare it to, which is probably partly why the size of the gap looks strange to me.

But I’d prefer it if the figures were more centered. Is this an iOS 10 design standard?