Any news on EUR bank account?

I just Starling quite a bit but for my pay I have to use N26… simply because both starling and monzo aren’t supporting the right IBAN/SEPA.

When transferring to startling from my german account I got the message: invalid iBAN… and starling asks me to sort it with the bank.

I wanted to use it for my job and pay but i cannot ask them to change the system just for me.

I would like an account like fire(ireland) both gbp/eur but without all the irish fees.

Wonder if this ever happens

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I don’t think there’s been any plan announced for accounts to operate in Euros, but incoming payments from Eurozone should be arriving very soon according to the Big List.

Sounds like TransferWise’s borderless account might work for you


yea i have been looking into it but it doesnt feel like a real bank to me tbh.

and it doesn’t have apple pay.

oh and when transferring to the account its not on the account real time like any other bank in the uk.

for example: transfer from starling -> monzo : realtime
transfer from monzo > starling: realtime
transfer from santander to monzo: realtime
transfer from santander to starling: realtime

to transferwise, fire, revolut: not real time

Swift (and most Sepa transfers apart from the new fancy type of SEPA supported by just a couple of banks) take about 24h, that is kind of normal. Actually I think Transferwise is one of the few banks institutions supporting it, however I am really hoping when Starling comes up with an EUR account (as well as Monzo eventually if ever) that it will support it too. For it to be fast I think both sides need to support be enrolled the scheme. Our friend @anon44204028 knows all about it :slight_smile:

That is my understanding too. Both banks need to have SEPA’s SCTinst set up for it to be instant, but more and more are adding it all the time, though it is patchy with adoption quicker in some countries than others.

As for TransferWise they have also now joined the FPS as a direct participant.