Any NBA fans here?

As it says - any fans of US basketball here? I’m a (long-suffering) Knicks fan and really looking forward to the upcoming season.



I try and keep up to date with it, but don’t get to watch much on TV, and I’m not loyal to any particular team!

I prefer the NFL :smiley:

I try to follow it somewhat but with the games being on at a ridiculous hour for us I don’t get to watch very much.

I like NBA but hate commercials. So I stopped watching on cable tv. I watch short videos on NBA youtube channel.

I used to be the biggest fan ever of Manchester Giants when UK basketball was bigger than it is now !

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Cool! I still go to Glasgow Rocks games sometimes. The Emirates Arena is really nice and a great place to watch a game.

Yeah, that’s where NBA League Pass comes in. I watch the games the next morning - and they offer condensed versions. So if it’s a night where there’s 10 games on, I can watch the condensed version of each one -around 10-15 minutes each and no ads either. Or I can watch them live, if I’m up.

I do like the Sat/Sun games being on at dinner time here - and the Christmas Day 5 game line-up starting at 5pm our time :slight_smile:

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How much does the League Pass set you back?

I pay £23 per month. I know it’s not exactly cheap, but it gives me every game in HD either live or on demand, all of the condensed games, loads of archive content and you get the 24/7 NBA TV channel too, which is round the clock breaking news, talk shows, classic games, documentaries etc.

There’s an option to pay a one off fee for the whole season but I can’t remember how much it is. The prices for the upcoming season haven’t been released yet.

Woof, you’re right it isn’t haha - does sound like it’d be worth it if you’re a real fan though. I don’t think it would be worth it in my case, I’ll just continue watching the YouTube highlight vids :stuck_out_tongue: