Any manual onboarding process?

I’ve been really keen to get my wife to signup to Monzo… there’s a couple of issues though…

Her ID (passport) is in her maiden name, and she doesnt have any other photo ID. How would we get around this?

Is there an option to send ID via the post. E.G passport, marriage cert, proof of address, etc?

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The inapp chat or even will be your friend in this option. I asked about my friend who has no formal ID and this is the reply I got:

We have three verification processes in place:
Algorithm: we use a verification algorithm to help us verify your identity after you’ve signed up. It works in the majority of cases, but when it doesn’t work, we use in-app verification.
In-App Verification: With in-app verification, we ask you to send an image of an ID document, together with an image of your face, to check the resemblance, and verify your account.
Document checks: If the algorithm doesn’t work, and the in-app verification doesn’t work either, then we may resort to documents. This is the very last option, as it takes a lot longer to verify ID using this method, and it may require several documents.
In short it is very possible your friend will be automatically verified by our algorithm system, but if he is not, he can get in touch with us and we will provide him with a list of alternative documents he can send us - there’s always a way :blush: The documents we can accept are:
Group A
Birth Certificate
National Insurance number card
Benefits letter received from the government showing your name and address
Government pension entitlement letter showing your name and address
Group B
Council tax bill showing your name and address
Utility bill showing your name and address
P60 or P45
Bank statement from a high street bank on full letter head, showing your name and address
We will need to see at least one document from each group. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!


We’re unable to accept applications without photo ID right now. We’re looking to support this in the future.

She can use her photo ID in her maiden name. We’ll need to register that as her legal name, unless she is able to provide a copy of her marriage certificate :slight_smile:


Does Monzo count as a ‘high street bank’ for identity verification purposes (if you have a printed statement)? Obviously bit pointless using it to prove to Monzo you the account holder, but I was thinking for government stuff/other banks etc.

I have seen people on this forum getting letterheaded documents sent to them for mortgage applications and so on so I don’t see why not.

It should be trusted in exactly the same way. They are all regulated banks within the U.K. following the same guidelines and legislation etc.

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She can sign up with her maiden name, and then we can modify it after the registration is fully completed, if she provides the marriage certificate :grinning:


My mum is 67 and she doesn’t have any form of ID other than her local bus pass (has her photo on) would this count?

Unfortunately not :disappointed:

We need a passport, driving license or national identity card.

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It’s a shame that your mums bus pass isn’t sufficient… I don’t see how something issued by local government is any different to a drivers licence?

I know but rules are rules I guess.

Apart from Driving Licence you have also accepted a Driver Card (digital tachograph photocard) when I upgraded my prepaid account to a current account.


I’m sure I read somewhere on here that the rules have been tightened up (probably as soon as they realised you got in😉)

Was this through the in app process?

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Maybe. But the documents issued by the same authority as a driving license and required the same ID checks as a license prior to it’s issue 🤷🏻‍

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What about Passports ? Did you forget to add that one

That would be classed as a formal ID, The ones listed don’t fit into that category :page_facing_up:

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