This week in the Monzo Office Slack: Bingo's birthday, Black Friday, and business banking

Hello everyone!

Last week, in highlights from the Office Slack, we recapped the thrilling drama of the tea mystery at Finsbury Square.

The past week brought yet more excitement.

First of all, we announced that we’re looking into building business banking :tada: Our engineer Simon had a great Jemaine Clement gif on deck for the occasion, but @cookywook stepped in to remind us that it’s all very early days:


Second, it was Bingo’s birthday this week. Bingo officially belongs to Lizzie in Fincrime, and unofficially lends his services as one of Monzo’s office dogs. He even appeared alongside Tom B in the Times!

He wasn’t, however, too impressed by the All-Hands that was themed in his honour, or the World of Warcraft analogy Tom was making during his speech.


Lastly, today is, of course, Black Friday! Deal-seeking Monzonauts have been sharing their finds in #tmp-blackfriday-sales. Chris from our Platform team, who set up the channel, tried to encourage financial prudence among the sales chaos:


But @Jim1701 wasn’t feeling it:


That’s all folks! Have a great weekend.


Didn’t know about Keepa. I’ll compare it to Camel.

Bingo rules.

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I love these weekly Monzo Slack updates. Could we make this a regular thing please? :pray:t3::heartbeat:


Good idea!



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