Any crowdfunding plans?

It is on agenda? Sounds like there might be some tangible interest this time around as well.

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Do you mean unlike the other rounds where they broke crowdfunding records, websites and hearts of those that missed out? :laughing:

There’s nothing announced and Monzo reports that they are incredibly well capitalised, so I wouldn’t expect anything for the next 9 months or so.


In the last Q&A they said it’s a possibility in a couple of years :slight_smile:

Will be though crowdfunding or institutionals?

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Both I would imagine that’s how it tend to work.

Helpful. Thanks.

No official guidance from the management thought, right?

No. It’s not planned or announced.

Shares can be bought privately here:

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Got it, thanks.

Any update on crowdfunding plans?

The last update we had on this in July (2 months ago) was:

“A new crowdfunding round will be a possibility in the next few years”