Any chance of temporarily increasing the six month deposit limit?

Hey Monzo,

As many know here, I’ve been an advocate in Monzo increasing the six month cash £1k deposit limit.
As a number of bank branches are starting to close due to Corona and many people who get paid by cash will soon no longer be able to deposit cash into a high street bank account and transfer the monies, can you lift the six month limit for a few months?

Keep the daily deposit limit as I’m sure it wouldn’t be nice for shops if I went in with a lot of cash for deposits, but please lift the six month limit!

Thank you!


I appear to be the only one! Maybe it’s not required then!

If you put it in the ideas section then it might get some traction. The sentiment is sensible.


Moved to Feedback and Ideas section.

See if that makes a difference for your point.

The good thing about most banks - apart from Monzo - is that you can also use the Post Office to pay money into your account.

Of course, that then raises the question of why those customers for whom this is particularly important, don’t just also use those accounts for spending as well - given they are willing to pay the Post Office for the service (unlike Monzo).

presumably because they like using Monzo for …x …reason over the other banks that provide this service. I opened a Lloyds bank account over x bank …they provided the same virtually identical service … choices eh :slight_smile:

Yes, it was a slightly hypothetical question

or rhetorical ? :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to vote for your own idea @Tommypinball

Voted! Sorry, just seen this and thank you for moving!

Monzo is great for the low paid as it helps keep track of spending and saving and normally it’s fine with banks being open 6 days a week but if people have Direct Debits coming out of Monzo and transferring cash is no longer an option from a high street bank, this could become an issue.

Stay safe everybody!

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