Indicator of when limits reset

Can we please have some sort of indicator or count down to when our limits reset?

I’ve been waiting months for my cash deposit limit to be reset and have no clue when I can actually deposit cash into my account.

Also I feel the limit is either rather low for a 6 month period or the 6 month period is a little too long.

I doubt the limits will change anytime some. I’m sure they’ve run the numbers and are happy at what it’s set at.

For now just open another bank and pay into that, then transfer over.

That’s not exactly a reasonable suggestion.

If I need to open another bank account to deposit money I might as well just switch banks.

Atm I need to give my girlfriend money for her to send me the money and even that’s a bit of a fath considering I’ve never seen these limits on any other bank.

It’s not even like I’m depositing a grand each month. The limit works out to be £166/month which is ridiculous.

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You’re asking for something that Monzo are likely not going to budge on. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, they’ve clearly done the sums and are happy with those limits. If it was affecting them bad then it would of changed by now.

Most people don’t deposit cash, let alone enough to go over the limit.

Is there a way of you getting paid this cash via a bank transfer?

You may as well do that then. There’s no point sticking around if the product doesn’t meet your needs. Loyalty to a brand means nothing in this world, if another bank does what you need better I’d personally up sticks and go.


Or pay in cash to another bank and then transfer it over to Monzo.

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Wait, so you’re happy to use another bank account to pay in cash, but don’t want to hold it yourself?

And you think that you “might as well” switch to another bank account to get the features you want, but aren’t actually switching to another bank account to get the features you want?

Well considering you’ve all gone off point to what I actually want.

I get my girlfriend to pay in cash for me because it’s the only way to get cash put into my account right now. I simply said that if the only option for me to do it myself was to open an account with a different bank then I might as well switch banks. That doesn’t mean I want to switch banks.

Again you guys have gone way off my actual point.

All I wanted to suggest is an indicator to say when the limit will reset as it’s annoying not knowing if it will reset in 2 weeks or 5 months.

Just because I said I think the limit is ridiculously low doesn’t mean I am unhappy with every other feature on Monzo and want to switch banks.

You guys saw one negative opinion about 1 feature and ran with that instead of focusing on what I actually said I would like to see.

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I think the issue here is the 180 days period is not a fixed A to B. It is a rolling 180 days, so you need to wait for date A to pass at least one deposit before the running total will fall and create space for a further deposit.

I have never deposited cash with Monzo. Rarely do with any bank, fortunately, so I don’t know the text used in the feed for a cash deposit.

Is it as simple as “cash deposit”?

If so, can you search for that term, count back six months on the result, and tot up all the entries to see how much deposited in that time?

You would also see the date that first deposit would “drop off” the calculation.

Not ideal, I know, but maybe a solution for something Monzo will not amend.

Hey @Wulver32! If you get in touch with us in chat, we can give you the dates your deposit limit will reset and the amount it’ll reset by if you’ve deposited over a number of different dates.

If it’s a feature you want to see in the app as well, let us know at the same time and we can pass it onto the product team :relaxed:


No one went off point, we picked up on the one answer we could pretty much all comment on that wouldn’t happen.

The other isn’t something that could really be commented on as it’s a feature request and isn’t what we’d be able to answer about other than saying yes good idea or no bad idea.

You’ve got the answer from Monzo above so at least you can find out when it does reset.

The easiest option is to not get paid in cash.

At no point did he request the limits be raised, so not sure why you all got so hung up on that point rather than responding to their actual feature that they did ask about. So yes, the thread did go off point, right from your very first comment.

I’m not sure why folk get so hung up on criticism of Monzo’s approaches at times that they completely miss the constructive feedback in the rest of the post. Based on this user’s feedback, their request sounds completely reasonable and is something that would be beneficial, especially if Monzo were to roll with it and apply it to other limits too.

I’ve voted for your feature request @Wulver32, I’d suggest you do the same, as well as follow @sheona’s advice.

Easier said than done in some communities and isn’t really relevant to their feature request!

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Last paragraph

That’s not a request for the limit to be raised. It’s simply a statement expressing how they feel about the limit.

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It’s really not that tough to not get paid in cash, if it’s legitimate.

Inertia, some small businesses owners don’t want to not pay their employees in cash. Especially in small close knit remote communities. Cash is still king. I wish it wasn’t, but that’s just the reality in some places, particularly where I live, and the sooner that changes, the better! I’m fed up of having to withdraw cash every week for Pizza at the weekend.

Ouch. I think the main point is “can I have an indicator of when limits reset”, it being the thread title of course.

That’s a fairly reasonable request. The thread went off topic almost instantly.

The side note is a dislike of the limit itself. I can’t remember the last time I ever deposited cash so those things don’t affect me but it’s not exactly a controversial view to want a higher limit; plenty have expressed this.

Really stressing… the thread is a request to view when your limits reset. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for that.


Well just a response to all the replies.

The thread definitely went off topic. I wasn’t pushing for the limit to be raised, all I said is that I personally think it’s ridiculously low. All I wanted was to request something that tells you when it will be reset.

For people saying don’t get paid in cash. I don’t, but I also do other things on the side that mean I end up with cash. Should I tell people who want to tip me “nah can you transfer me the tip?”.

Nevertheless I appreciate the people who focused on my actual point. However the whole attitude of ignoring the point of the post has just got me bored and in the mindset of thinking posting on the forum is a bad idea in the future.