Another Fraud Attempt

Someone has attempted to defraud me - they didn’t get far but thought, like others have done, to write up what happened. Each one appears different so they more the share the more we can get a picture of what to expect.

At 6:15pm today, I received an SMS from Monzo (as in, it came up on my phone as being from them and appeared in the same conversation as legitimate SMS’ they’ve sent before). It told me…

A payment was attempted to a new payee, “R GOMES” on 09/09 at 18:14. If you did not create this payee, an agent will be contact with you urgently.

I smelt something was amiss immediately but checked my account and saw nothing there.

At 6:20pm, they called me (phone number 0800 802 1282). They called me “Mr David” and didn’t ask me any security questions to confirm who I was. They were immediately rumbled.

They told me that my account must have been compromised and that someone from Nottingham (which is where on forum profiles I say I live, although it’s not 100% correct) using a Galaxy Note had attempted to take that payment. They had therefore set up a new account for me and that I needed to transfer all the money from my existing account to this. They texted me the bank details (I’ve forward those onto Monzo, as it’s one of their accounts).

I told him I was onto him but he wouldn’t accept it. I hung up but he kept calling back. Over and over again. I blocked the number in the end.

Although I was onto him pretty quickly and easily I can certainly see why others do fall for it - we panic when we hear about people trying to get to our money and they present credible information (they know I’m a Monzo user and where I live, etc). How they’ve associated that to my phone number, however, is curious.

I’m assuming Monzo has not had a breach of some kind?


Has your data been leaked recently?

Give a shot.

If you use the same username elsewhere or share on public social media about Monzo it’d be quite easy to make a guess you’re a Monzo user.

there seems to be a glut of monzo targeted scams?

share on public social media about Monzo

Only on here - I wonder how they found out :wink:

Same email address?

Just received exactly the same kind of call from 0800 802 1282 - glad I found this whilst on the phone to them

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