Animated reflections in Apple wallet for Monzo Plus cards

Could the card show in the Apple wallet or when Apple Pay is activated animate it’s reflectivity depending on device orientation? This would simply use the devices accelerators to do this.

I think it would add to the flex of showing that you have monzo plus :man_shrugging:

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That’s not really up to Monzo. Apple use static images in wallet AFAIK and I doubt a challenger bank could convince them otherwise.

Also, a shiny card isn’t really I considered ‘flex’. Very few people notice/care what you pay with

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Apple has been known to use subtle parallax animations on metallic UI elements to appear shiny and reflective. I believe Apple Card is not a mere static image either.

So this is possible to do, it’s just a question of if or when this is available for third parties. It would make for a nice small touch. Monzo could also do this themselves in app by using the gyroscope to drive the parallax so the card moves slightly with a shimmer like Apple TV app icons do, or how the volume slider in the music app used to be before iOS 7.


I’m struggling to work out why I’d expect anyone to care (or even need to know) what card I’m paying with, to be honest.

On the other hand, I guess the ability to induce awe and admiration from the checkout person when they realise they are dealing with someone who can afford to burn £5 pm for a minimum of three months might be worth it, after all.


Was a joke… lighten up a little maybe?

Little attention to detail things like this are more for my own personal pleasure than anything else. I’m a sucker for some sweet eye candy.

The amount of time I used to spend tilting my phone to admire the reflective volume slider button on the iOS 6 music app was probably borderline obscene. I spend far too much time on my Apple TV home screen enjoying the parallax app icons and movie artwork. The Apple Arcade in particular :heart_eyes:


Back at you. I was being light, too :+1:

To be fair, since changing my Tinder profile pic to one of me holding my Plus card in front of my face, I’ve seen my matches increase by at least 14.5 times.

I can only dream what will happen if they can somehow animate it


Sometimes the words just flow…:joy:

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The cards and passes displayed in Wallet all use PNG for the image format, displayed using UIImage. I don’t believe animated PNG (APNG) is a platform native format for iOS, so it’s unlikely an APNG image could be used without a custom library which I doubt Apple permit for Wallet passes/cards.

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I want cancell

Apple Pay Cash card has this feature:

Pretty sure though that no other banks are able to do this. It’s not a feature available to banks, just Apple themselves for their own card…

(Apple Pay Cash is their prepaid card that is US only and appears in your wallet when someone messages you cash. Not to be confused with their credit card, ‘Apple Card’ which doesn’t have parallax I don’t think, but does change colour depending on the ‘categories’ of purchases you make - another Apple exclusive feature!)


It’s little things like this that I wish Apple would make available to third parties. I’d be surprised if Apple don’t do the same thing to the metallic logos on Apple Card. I’ll need to check them with my friends. The colour change that represents your spending categories does, I’ve been told, update in real time and has a cool reactive animation when it does so, as well as when you pay.


Do you want to cancel your Monzo Plus subscription? You need to do that in the Monzo app under the Plus tab.

But there is a 3 month minimum term so you might be charged for 3 months if you had plus for more than 14 days. Your card will also be cancelled and you will need to activate the new Coral card you receive

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It’s really hard to understand what happened - try using Google Translate:

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