Android Wear becomes Wear OS!

(Simon B) #1

I’m looking forward to seeing some updates - my LG Watch Style is serving me well.

(Herp Derp) #2

In the style of Marcus Burnett.

I wanna be I wanna be like Apple…


For context

(Simon B) #3

You know that Apple didn’t invent the term “OS” right?

Unlike watchOS… Wear OS actually works with both Android and iOS.

Lots of iPhone users with Wear OS watches from Google’s multiple partners like LG, Motorola as well as Michael Kors, Fossil, Tag Heur, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Armani, and Casio (you know… actual fashion brands and actual watch-makers)

So it being named Android Wear was confusing as that indicated you could only use it with Android phones.

Personally, after originally owning a square/rectangular watch and then moving to a circular one, there’s no going back.

(Herp Derp) #4

Ya I know just funny how they decided to follow Apple with the xxx OS type name…

I would have called it Google Wear coz they already have Google Glass, Google Home, Google Chrome etc.


Google seems to have trouble launching a successful product and sticking with it without screwing it up or rebranding it 20x times.

Case in point, their messaging app fiasco, where every year means a new one and the previous one getting nixed, or Google Pay - seriously, what was wrong with Android Pay? I’m sure I’ve missed a ton of other examples but you get my point.

(Herp Derp) #6

Google Voice

(Simon B) #7

Those are consumer products, though. Google Chrome is the consumer product, but the operating system version of it that powers Chromebooks for example is Chrome OS.

Depending on the licensing conditions and how strict they are, a company might want to use Wear OS to build a smartwatch but not have Google branding everywhere and obvious Google products. Probably more relevant to the fashion and watchmaker companies, as their brand is then the most important one.

If you’re Tag Heur or Hugo Boss or Louis Vuitton, you want your brand to be the important one in the product and not be at risk of being dominated by a company as large as Google. Ultimately Google doesn’t need it’s name up front and center in the product, it’s not like they need to reinforce it, they just want companies to be using the platform.

(Adam Kendrew) #8

I think I’d be very interested in a Wear OS watch manufactured by Google.


An (Android) Wear watch with the same quality (in terms of software and updates) as the Pixel/Nexus devices would be a lovely option. :+1:t2:

(Jack) #10

Don’t forget their attempt at social media. What is it now? Google+?

Hangouts has had a few refreshes in the past no?


I’ll be interested when battery life improves. My Moto 360 was great when I got it, but after 12 months it couldn’t manage a whole day and at around 18 months it died within hours (useless as a watch at this point). Shortly after I couldn’t get replacement parts as new model was out and it was worth about £4 :frowning:

(Simon B) #12

Not needed at the moment.

All Wear OS watches are like this already. They all get updates direct from Google (not the OEM) and the software is identical.

The only differentiator is in the hardware and custom watch faces that the OEM designs.

There are some watches that are similar to Nexus in the sense that Google also had a hand in the design of the watch and used them as the base devices for a new version of the OS. The LG Watch Style that I have is one of them, and says “Designed with our friends at Google” on the box.