Samsung switching to Wear OS (Android Wear)

Latest rumor in the wearables scene is that Samsung are ditching their Tizen platform for Wear OS (formerly Android Wear).

Evan Blass of Evleaks also reports seeing Wear OS devices worn by Samsung employees.

As a Wear OS device owner myself, I think this is great news, although I suspect owners of current Samsung watches may not feel the same way. Ultimately as wearable market share grows, I think there will really only be developer support for two operating systems, Apple’s watchOS and Google’s Wear OS.


Interesting :thinking:

I just need more waterproof options!

Interesting. I wonder what this means for Samsung Pay?

There are only two strategic needs for Pay that I can see - a) the fact that Samsung wearables don’t use Wear OS so need an alternative to Google Pay and b) to maintain a set of alternative technologies to both keep Google on its toes and act as an escape boat if they wanted to go their own way.

If a) goes away, it kinda undermines b) anyway…

Interesting. Most interesting! :thought_balloon::thinking:

Here we go… .Samsung registered Galaxy Watch as a trademark.

Galaxy has always been reserved for Android devices (hence the recent Samsung watches running Tizen OS have been named Gear S).

I’ll be very interested to see what they do with this! It’s a good stamp of approval for Wear OS, since Samsung haven’t made an Android wearable since the first Galaxy Gear back in 2014.