[Android] Transaction search on Android states £x SPENT even if it's an overall credit

If you search for transactions, it always summarises at the bottom as £x Spent even if it was overall a credit into your account.

**Details to reproduce: search for a credit transaction into your account **
**OS: Android 8.1 **
**Device: Pixel 2 XL **
**App Version: 2.3.1 ** but being doing it since I can remember


Be good if it showed total spent and total received separately really. The average don’t mean much if refunds are being included alongside a bunch of payments.

Maybe a single-line clickable toggle between the totals/averages for spent or received? Defaulting to whatever is more. Nice and simple, unless it can all fit on one line.

It says Spent in most places but Sent if looking at totals within an actual transaction though.


Thanks, I will make a note of this :blush: