Balance & Average Spend Updates After a Refund - Android

(Patrick) #1

Android user, can’t find the in-app chat on my phone so I’m posting here. New to the comunity, tried searching forum for something similar, but found nothing.

Refund transaction for the remainder unused amount from pre-authorised sale (fuel pump) is showing in app but balance was not updated so balance is short by that amount.

My first notification sounded on phone when I removed card from fuel pump and second refund notification sounded when I completed fueling. Notifications worked OK. Both transactions apear correctly on app and the “spent today” matches the amount shown on fuel pump. Balance seems not to have been updated with refund.

Second issue: just minor feedback. Not a deal breaker. These refunds seem not to be taken by the app into consideration in regards to spending. All my “average spent” are inaccurately inflated. This includes another small glitch which I didn’t report because I noticed was sorted. I withdrew money at ATM. That money was refunded a week after, even though I spent it, and on same day was again charged. “Total spent” for ATM shows double what it should be. Balance was corrected accurately that time.


Click on hamburger icon at top left of screen and when dropdown menu appears you select Help and feedback and in their you create a new conversation

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(Andrew Schofield) #3

Indeed. You can also swipe right from the left screen edge to open the same menu.

(Patrick) #4

Haha that easy!! I would swear that wasn’t there earlier on :joy: I’m loosing it. Sending them a message now.