✅ [Android] Summary not loading

Summary page not loading as of today.
First thing this morning it loaded but had a “last updated 22nd June” message. Then I went away and back I think, and now it just sits there and never loads.

Other pages in the app load fine. Tried different internet connections.

I have looked at the summary page since 22nd and don’t remember seeing the “last updated” message before, but may have just missed it.

Possibly relevant: my last summary period started 25th May. So I should be in my new period as of today (although I don’t actually get paid until 27th this month so will be manually changing it).
I changed some of my category targets yesterday.

Android 7.1.1
Moto G5s Plus
Monzo v. 2.2.0


Have you tried a delete and reinstall of the app?

It worked! Although I got an interesting SSL handshake failed error just after logging back in… But all seems fine now! Thanks as always :slight_smile:

I’m ready for a job in IT support now. It’s always delete and reinstall or turn it off and on again :grinning:


I actually work in customer support for games so should definitely have already tried that lol :laughing:

I blame the fact that we try to keep uninstall as a last resort, as people sometimes manage to not connect their account first and lose all their progress.


Also having this issue.

My payday isn’t until the 29th this month, whereas last month it was the 25th. Is the app searching for the transaction or something?

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That was my first thought, but you’d think it would then persist even after a reinstall. Maybe the update process just had a hiccup?

My manager gave me a mug with this on last week… :wink:

We’ve seen this before but haven’t tracked down the cause just yet - it is a fairly infrequent bug :sweat:


Could be,

I found that doing the following fixed the issue:

  1. Open Monzo

  2. From the summary page, click the calendar icon button, then select ‘Change’

3.Select a transaction or change the date manually to one which is in the past

  1. Go to the home tab

  2. Go back to the summary tab

This worked without uninstalling the application.

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It’s fixed for me now so I couldn’t test it anyway, but I don’t have either of those options (no payments show in the list and I can’t choose a date manually) since the last update. I figured it was because my pay went in over a month ago.

But perhaps it’s a bug because I’ve since found out in another thread that I’m also missing a close button on a message about setting a budget in the summary page! EDIT: Turns out you can swipe this away!

My pay goes in tomorrow so we’ll see. If it doesn’t fix it I’ll start a bug report specifically for that.

I’m having this same issue - it did fix eventually (after the payment went in) but it still won’t let me change my date now! Which I do kinda need to do…

Once my pay went it it allowed me to change the date - it only shows payments from within the last 30 days. Maybe also try a reinstall?

Tried to reinstall and it still didn’t work - was the first thing I did. Payment was within the last 30 days too.

I haven’t got it set up as a salary payment though; that might be the issue. I don’t use Monzo as my main account, just for spending money, so maybe that’s why it won’t find the new payments.

Hmm perhaps - don’t know how it decides which payments to show. It doesn’t show transfers from my husband on Monzo, but does show my wages (which are transfers from my boss).

My summary is also not loading, spinning loading circle but doesn’t load. Also start of new month.

Edit: Fixed by a reinstall - will I need to do this every month?

I have the same issue, summary not loading - infinite spinning circle :frowning:

At the moment i only use Monzo as a spending money account so don’t have any big transactions that would act as my salary. Tried the above suggestion but can’t select a payment or change the start date.

Happy to send diagnostic data if you require it?

Can also confirm what seems to be the cause above.

I also use my monzo account as a “safer” debit account for disposable income, whatever I have left each month after bills/savings goes into my monzo account.

Since I don’t have a salary going into this account per se, the summary has defaulted to being 1st->1st (a logical default) but appears to break every time a new month starts. Reinstalling the app does seem to “fix” the problem until the next time it is the first of the month.

Would it be possible to just provide a calendar widget to choose the days from which you would like your summary to start rather than a specific payment?