[Android] Summary broken on the 1st of the month

Summary: Summary broken on the 1st of the month
System: Android 7.1.1 on Nexus 6 with Monzo 2.0.4
Screenshot: Not available at the moment as currently unable to replicate.
Encountered on the 1st of June at 12:53pm, I’m unable to access the Summary page (2 other users have reported the same)

The Home/Account/Payments/Help all seem fully functional and up to date, but clicking on ‘Summary’ just shows the title of ‘May’ the target/calendar icons (and the menu bar at the bottom) and then the rest of the page is white with the spinner.

Clicking Targets seems to work, but clicking the calendar and selecting another month (previous month is April, then I’ve got two ‘Current’ months with the first current month highlighted) still gives me the white page/spinner.

Previously reported on: Bug? : Summary on Android not working (1st June)
Since reinstalling, I haven’t seen the bug, but it’s not been the 1st of the month again yet.