[Android] Summary: Unable to amend date

Unable to change the date in the Summary tab

Details to reproduce:
Seems to be caused by my top up payment having been sent after the current summary date (10th - 11th) . Next payment was 19th.

OS: Android 8.0.0
Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+
App Version: Monzo v2.3.1


Hey :wave:

Thanks for this! I’m a little hazy on the details to reproduce this and the 2nd screenshot :sweat_smile: Is there any more detail you could add so we can track this down? :mag:

Hi Hugh

So what has happened is I had a payment go in on 11th May and I switched the date via the calendar in the top right on the summary page.

However, my next payment did not go in until 19th of the next month (which will be my regular date).

This had initially stopped the summary working altogether, but the summary now opens, the issue is when I go to the calendar to switch the date all I can see is the page in the second screenshot.

Hope that helps?

Much appreciated

Ah right!

I think that might be a red herring :see_no_evil: There is a bug in Summary caching that can cause it to not load when a new cycle clicks over.

I think it sounds like this is because your payment is outside the current summary cycle, and therefore cannot be selected :sweat:

I’m assuming there’s nothing I can do to change it in the meantime but it’ll be fixed in the future?