✅ [Android] Salary Sorter - input of values incorrectly handled - leading to crash

Issue: Crashes during Salary Sorter value input and inputting values is incorrectly handled, incorrectly putting remaining sorting balance in one of the pots.

Details to reproduce

For me and my pots, it can be reproduced each time.

Note when entering values they were entered by:

  1. Tap to edit number (tapping between + and -)
  2. Keyboard pops up
  3. Press delete on keyboard (to delete the 0)
  4. Type new number
  5. Tap blue tick button on on-screen keyboard (placed where the “enter” key usually is)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select payment to sort.
  2. Select “Sort Salary” button
  3. Enter values in first 4 pots, #1=25, #2=100, #3=84, #4=25
  4. Skip the 5th pot
  5. Enter value 84 for the 6th pot.
  6. Note upon entering the digit 8, the + to the right hand side of each of the pots can be seen to be disabled.
  7. After confirming the input of 84 via pressing the on-screen keyboard blue tick (enter key) - the keyboard disappears revealing that the remaining “Spending” balance amount has been added to the 7th pot.
  8. Tapping to edit 6th pot again (where the input has changed from 84 to 8) - and tapping 4 to add the 4 back in results in the app crashing.
    You may need to tap 4 multiple times to cause a crash, my usual action as the app fails to update screen or give user feedback that input is invalid.

I’ve also attempted to edit pot values in a different order, always able to cause entire remaining “Spending” amount to unexpectedly appear in one of the pots and input crashing app.


OS: Android 10, Security patch level 5th Sept. 2019
Device: Pixel 2 XL
App Version: 3.0.0 (I’m on the beta updates if that helps)


Step 3-4

Step 5-6

Step 7

Step 8

Tagging in @JarnoWolf because of involvement in Salary Sorter postings in community.

I’ll flag to the team, thanks for the thorough report :raised_hands:

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I have screen capture if need - but obviously reveals personal details.

I’m sure this’ll suffice to repro on our end

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This is an amazing bug report - thank you!

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I tested this on next salary (~ a month after the next app version was released) …
… everything worked as expected (thank you).

I can’t see a way to mark it this topic as fixed - so I leave this comment instead.


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