Android performance issues?

Anyone else experiencing performance issues on Android?

For the last six weeks or so things have got progressively worse: I move money to/from pots and it takes a good few seconds for the feed and the balance to update. I swipe through periods in Trends and I get the spinning wheel of death…

Is this just me (I suspect I might be one of the users with the most transaction history in Monzo)? Or is anyone else seeing anything similar?

No issues noticed here however I have been running Revolut :slightly_frowning_face:

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No none

The problem is the first word in the title.


Bravo :clap:t2:




No issues with performance on the Joint account - we’re both on Android. Large transaction history since mid-Sep-2018 (approx 50 months ago) on JA & associated pots, and searching displays almost instant results.

In Trends, the spinning wheel of death lasts for about a second before displaying the requested data. Just tried this with only the Joint Account and then with every Monzo account/pot and Connected Account and… still about a second. Same if ‘Balance’ or ‘Spending’ is selected.

What would be interesting would be a total number of transactions per account to compare…
So I downloaded our entire JA history as a .csv and - 6344 transactions in the JA to-date with approx 50 months of account activity = approx 127 transactions per month - how does that compare (to your personal account activity if no JA)?


No performance issues here on an S20. Transaction history on Monzo is from June, and I have a few pots and about 10 connected accounts.


Okay silly question: where do CSV files live when they’re downloaded?

I get spinny wheel for quite a while and no notification to say file downloaded. Not in downloads or recent files. Is it bugging out on me? :thinking:

Monzo app: select account in carousel → Manage tab → Bank Statements → All time → Comma separated (CSV) → enter account PIN - then - Spinning wheel (30 seconds’ish, for me) → Android share menu pops up, select email client to share .csv file too → email it to myself → on laptop, open email client, download shared .csv file, open & analyse.

There could be quicker ways, but large .csv/sheet files on bigger screens are easier to work with.

EDIT: Pixel 5, Android 13, Monzo beta app v5.1.0

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I get to this bit

But the rest doesn’t happen. Just goes back to the previous screen. No sign of the file.

Sadness. One for tomorrow methinks.

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I’ve gone to the connected Google export instead. In there, I have a total of 13352 transactions, dating from almost exactly five years (!) ago in 2017. Crudely, because fewer transactions in early months, that’s 222 ½ transactions a month. Lots of those are pots movements. But it’s quite the number…

13,352 beats my 6,344 by over a factor of 2

Even if I add in my Personal account usage from account opening to date, it adds an extra 1,508 transactions - still nowhere near the 13,352 total.

Forget the Poll Master badge, I can see a Transaction King badge emerging from this.


=countif(D:D,”Pot transfer”)

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