[Android] Number of payments not accurate

Summary screen shows 3 payments and when I click on “number of payments”, a list of 4 payments is shown (instead of 3)
Details to reproduce:
Click on joe&the juice merchant and see the summary. Then click on number of payments and see that the number & amount spent don’t match with the previous screen.

One of the title is joe&the juice in lowercase while the rest is on capital letters, my feeling is that in the first screen the lowercase option is wrongly being skipped.

See attachments

OS: Android 9
Device: Samsung 7
App Version: last update 30 jan 2020


Same :slight_smile:

Shows 8 payments and when I click - 3

Same issue for me (iOS).

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I think this has been an issue for at least a year. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be a priority. :pensive:


Yep a long time I think.