✅ [Android] Notification stating scheduled direct debit value above available balance shown incorrectly

Issue: I get a notification stating a scheduled payment due tomorrow is above the available balance. But the payment is setup to come out of a bills pot which has enough inside to cover the payment. So I wouldn’t expect to see this notification

Details to reproduce: Have a scheduled direct debit, which is setup to come out of a bills pot, of a value higher of what was available in the main balance, be due to be paid tomorrow. This should trigger the ‘not enough balance’ notification incorrectly.

OS: Android
Device: Oneplus 6
App Version: 2.65.0
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This was mentioned as an issue with bill pots and should be fixed in the future


This is currently normal behaviour. The app is looking at the main account balance and seeing that an upcoming D/D is more than what is in the balance.

With the recent advent of Bills Pots (pay-from-pot), the app needs to have extra calculations to look at the upcoming D/D and it’s payment source, before calculating it from your main account balance.

I’m sure this will be addressed soon.


Hi @StoneFlies

Thanks for the report, this should now be fixed :raised_hands:

If you continue to have issues then please let me know.