[Android] Tomorrow's bills pot payments affecting summary incorrectly

Issue: Tomorrow’s direct debits show up greyed out in the UI the day before they’re due to come out as expected. But if these direct debits are setup to come out of a bills pot then the summary seems to take these payments into a calculation. I’d expect if bills pots payments are due tomorrow, that the they wouldn’t be considered in the summary calculation. Only when these payments show up greyed out does the summary get screwed up. Yesterday the summary was happy :slight_smile:

Details to reproduce: Have a scheduled payment due out tomorrow thats setup to come out of a bills pot. Summary will incorrectly adjust.

OS: Android
Device: Oneplus 6
App Version: 2.65.0
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Summary does need a bit of attention with the recent introduction of Bills Pots (pay-from-pot)
The standard calculations don’t apply if a D/D is to be paid-from-pot. I’m sure it’ll be addressed soon because it also messes up the notifications telling you that you’re skint;