Tap new card on Phone to register

Similar to the way a certain other company does it. To extract all card details you just tap the card to your phone’s NFC reader. Maybe it’s not that important but at the same time not hugely difficult to implement (at least on Android).

It’s already supported on Android. Not possible on iPhone from what I remember.

Really, I didn’t have that option on Android?

Edit: I didn’t, seems to be implemented now, forget this haha.

Also I believe it’s technically possible but Apple won’t let anyone use their NFC API for financially related applications.

It’s used to Register and enable a new card which may be different functionality to what you’re looking for. It’s hard to tell from the info provided.

Just seen that it has been implemented now, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I last registered my card though, pretty cool!

It also seems like this technology could be used to reset contactless limits, since it could require your PIN (something you know) and your card (something you have).

Although, I’m unsure why it’s not possible to reset limits using your PIN (something you know) and your phone (something you have)

It would be possible if you could pay for things online like that, just tapping your card and entering your PIN as it would be classed as a card present transaction and no (fewer) limits would apply.

It also doesn’t help that 3DS2 is most likely not PSD2/SCA compliant…

It’s been there since November 2017 :eyes:

It’s the only way I’ve ever activated my Monzo cards.

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