[Android] Missing transaction in feed

Hi all,

I bought a round of drinks in a bar last night which isn’t showing in the Android feed. Around the time it happened I got a message on the App saying that the Mondo servers were busy, so I guess there was a failed API request. I didn’t get a push notification.

The balance updated in-app within a minute or so, but the transaction never appeared.

A later transaction (Sainsburys) did show immediately.

Screenshot removed because Discourse is configured to disallow new users from posting multiple images

The transaction in question is listed in the API results:

      "id": "tx_00009AuNRWhlyOBL8869Fh",
      "created": "2016-08-03T18:00:01.807Z",
      "description": "SMALL BAR              BRISTOL       GBR",
      "amount": -1170,
      "currency": "GBP",
      "merchant": {
        "id": "merch_00009722IapUXXbZR6aqfZ",
        "group_id": "grp_00009722IarGQwh5LufA6D",
        "created": "2016-04-09T19:12:23.919Z",
        "name": "Small Bar",
        "logo": "https://mondo-logo-cache.appspot.com/twitter/smallbarbristol/?size=large",
        "emoji": "🍺",
        "category": "entertainment",
        "online": false,
        "atm": false,
        "address": {
          "short_formatted": "31 King Street, Bristol BS1 4DZ",
          "formatted": "31 King Street, Bristol BS1 4DZ, United Kingdom",
          "address": "31 King Street",
          "city": "Bristol",
          "region": "",
          "country": "GBR",
          "postcode": "BS1 4DZ",
          "latitude": 51.45178970000001,
          "longitude": -2.5949983,
          "zoom_level": 17,
          "approximate": false
        "updated": "2016-04-28T11:26:05.355Z",
        "metadata": {
          "created_for_merchant": "merch_00009722IapUXXbZR6aqfZ",
          "created_for_transaction": "tx_00009722IZMO0GOshrCzKb",
          "foursquare_category": "Pub",
          "foursquare_id": "529f788f11d2b09b2b26b7cd",
          "foursquare_website": "http://www.smallbarbristol.com",
          "google_places_icon": "https://maps.gstatic.com/mapfiles/place_api/icons/bar-71.png",
          "google_places_id": "ChIJy69AhHiOcUgRyGhXk62AbE0",
          "google_places_name": "Small Bar",
          "suggested_name": "Small Bar",
          "suggested_tags": "#drinks #fun",
          "twitter_id": "smallbarbristol"
        "disable_feedback": false
      "notes": "",
      "metadata": {},
      "account_balance": 6150,
      "attachments": [],
      "category": "entertainment",
      "is_load": false,
      "settled": "",
      "local_amount": -1170,
      "local_currency": "GBP",
      "updated": "2016-08-03T18:00:01.974Z",
      "account_id": "acc_00009AsITNvQhNayOOdJA1",
      "counterparty": {},
      "scheme": "gps_mastercard",
      "dedupe_id": "391430805160803026093012319",
      "originator": false