Android-iOS Parity Wiki

See the bottom point of the hints/tips wiki;

Unfortunately this list continues to grow :cry: Just added an item about line wrapping in receipts, which is possible in Android but not iOS.

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As of the latest iOS TestFlight (3.5.0 572):

:white_check_mark: Standing Orders: Day/Week/2 Weeks/4 Weeks/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
:white_check_mark: Pots: Day/Week/2 Weeks/4 Weeks/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
:white_check_mark: Subscriptions: Day/Week/2 Weeks/4 Weeks/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly

We now have the same options on all three schedules - and brings it mostly inline with Android (with the exception of their subscriptions having x days/weeks/months/years configurable)


It’s still bad that there’s no feature parity! Does anyone have any updates on when this will happen?

Judging by past behaviour, I’d guess that if parity ever exists, it will be short lived.

When I first came to the forum the disparity was in the other direction. Android users were annoyed that the iOS app had more, better, features.


Yep… I just don’t understand why simple features like notes on transactions haven’t been added to iOS. Have they been short of Swift programmers for years?

Any particular functionality that’s “appaling”? That’s quite strong language to use. Absolutely they should be striving for parity as much as possible but equally some new features might be bringing more value than aligning say notes or an icon.

Obviously “value” is very subjective in this instance.

Apologies. “Appalling” was strong, but its just disappointing that there doesn’t seem to be any focus on this, even after threads like this wiki have been in existence for so long.

For me, the ability to add notes on iOS is fundamental to organising finances, and it’s not too difficult to implement.


I second this, it’s a fundamental feature for me that is a pain to work around.

What’s even more frustrating, is that the iOS app used to allow notes on transfers but it was removed for an unknown reason :sob:


Anyone know if iOS users will ever be able to merge payees?

Unlikely I would say. Payee management on iOS hasn’t seen an update for quite some time. Whilst profit making is the main focus, I wouldn’t get your hopes up any time soon


Can this be added to the list:


Doubt it. The android version was made as part of Monzo Time.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Payments tab overhaul soon though so hopefully if we get that then you never know

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From Development point of view (view as a Developer) I think both Android and IOS apps should have the same functionality released at the same time. Even if developing something takes more time on one OS. Adding things to IOS or Android only, divided users and creates mini wars on which OS is better. In my company we are supporting both IOS and Android and when we are doing new feature releases, they are done on both systems at the same time so all users are treated equally. But again, it’s only opinion.



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Just added a new one to the on iOS but not Android list:


New one since plus.

Android has a weights icon for custom categories but iOS doesn’t.

Unsure if there are other icon inconsistencies?

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Plus was the perfect point to draw a line and stop this parity issue getting worse. Such a shame :pensive:


Just bumping this old topic because over here folks were saying that platform parity is still a problem.

Given this thread is a few years old, here’s a community call to arms!

Can we give the wiki a good scrub to make sure that it’s up to date (adding new problems and removing resolved ones)? We can then poll to see what the biggest issues are and lobby for some progress!



Feels a bit futile, I’m going to be honest. I wouldn’t mind doing some of it if there was chance of progress but it’ll likely be dismissed like previously with “this is someone’s free-time pet project so we can’t replicate it”

While I like the idea of Monzo devs having some creative time each week it should either a) not make it to production environment or b) be replicated on the other platform too