✅ [Android/iOS] Minor UI issue/typo: 'Recents'

Under Payments > Send, the heading ‘Recents’ should instead read something like ‘Recipients’, or ‘Recent recipients’. ‘Recent’ is an adjective, not a noun; ‘recents’ is not a word.

I know it’s minor, but it bugs me every time I’m on that tab.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android
App Version: 2.23.0



A quick google suggests Recents is a word as Android have a Recents page (https://developer.android.com/guide/components/activities/recents) and Box and Dropbox use the term for Recent documents

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I understand that, but language changes. At least the word ‘recent’ still has the same meaning whether it’s a noun or adjective…

My bugbear is that the word ‘literally’ now means ‘not quite literally,’ as in “He ran so fast, he was literally on fire.”

There isn’t really a suitable replacement word.

PS MacOS Finder has the same thing.


My quick search ‘includes results for recent’, and reveals that I was wrong - it can be a noun (and therefore have the plural noun ‘recents’) in Geology where it refers to ‘the Holocene epoch’.

The handful that do appear to use it as you say are all American - is Monzo also to tell us we can send our ‘checks’ to its address for depositing?

Monzo does have a style guide of sorts https://monzo.com/tone-of-voice/ .

Within it it does state that “We [Monzo] use the language our audience uses […]”. Whilst my teacher brain says it should be changed, Monzo could claim that what they are doing with ‘Recents’ is using language customers are aware of though Dropbox or Android (as posted by @jrmurray86 ).


That’s not consistent with targetting a billion users though - it’s simply unachievable.

It’s an even bigger debate in the forums with people love/hating the tone of voice in chat (‘hiyaa how can I help you today? :thinking::blush::angel:’) - perhaps what’s needed is an app-wide (copy & chat alike) slang toggle. I can see it now: Summary - your [sic] fresh outta cash, innit!

That aside, personally I can cope with chatty chat, and I don’t mind copy like ‘<thumbs up> you’re £x within budget’ too much; I just think that whatever the ‘tone’, spelling & grammar can and should be correct.

Not a bug eh? Recent what?! I think to myself every damn time I see this screen…

“RECENTS” has been changed to “RECENT” on the new Payments tab, which is being rolled out.

Hurrah! So it has. It really is the little things eh… :smile: