[Android/iOS] 3D Secure showing inaccurate/unclear merchant name

Issue: For 3D Secure with Aqua Credit Cards, the SMS or in app message references “Halifax Bank of Scotland” as the merchant. I’m not sure if NewDay (who own Aqua) are owned by HBOS, but the merchant reference could be confusing.

Details to reproduce: Make a payment with Aqua Credit Cards and be prompted to use 3D Secure
OS: Android
Device: Huawei P10 Plus
App Version: 2.16.0

Screenshots: I wasn’t able to grab one, but can do next time I make a payment.


I believe this is an issue with the vast majority of 3D Secure payments, and has been discussed elsewhere. There’s an ongoing effort to tie 3D Secure names in with the main merchant name+logo system, but it’ll take a while I think.