Mysterious companies appearing on payment list

Hi there
I’ve recently purchased some shoes from Office in-store in the Bluewater shopping centre and on the app the payment appeared as a hotel in Devon. I rang the hotel and weirdly it says they’ve had this quite often, people calling with the same issue.
I’m using an iPhone, I’ve got the latest app version.
Just flagging this as an issue - I don’t need any help from here as I realised quite quickly that I haven’t booked myself a holiday lol

Hi. Welcome.

It’s the merchant data that is incorrect. If you scroll to the very bottom of the transaction in grey letters on the grey background will be a string.

It probably should say something like 48892OFFICEBLWTR but sometimes they aren’t as specific and then it goes awry.

You can report it as needing fixing, whether it will or not is a different story.

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Thank you - this all makes sense. I’ve emailed Office and that hotel to let them know. It was just really weird seeing an entirely different company show up…

I’ve had a couple of times with Schuh and Jack Wills. They are 100 yards apart so I thought that might have something to do with it. But Bluewater to Devon is a bit of a stretch!

On a side note I’ve got that Peter Andre song in my head now… The shame :sob:

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