Wrong merchant name in 3D Secure

Issue: Wrong merchant name in 3D Secure

Details to reproduce: Try to add Monzo card to Masterpass account on masterpass.com. 3D Secure wants me to approve a transaction to a different merchant.
OS: Windows 10
Device: HP Laptop, Google Chrome
App Version: N/A

Of course, I’m not going to approve a transaction to a random website that isn’t the one I’m trying to use! (note: I wasn’t trying to shop on “vitkac.com” - I’ve never heard of it - I went directly to masterpass.com to add my card to my account there).


Oh, and looping @Rika in as it looks like it might be her area.

I’ll add Masterpass to the list of 3D Secure systems we don’t try to do merchant enrichment on tomorrow.

Thankfully, 3D Secure 2.0 fixes a lot of this mess by making things such as “System on behalf of Merchant” officially supported and significantly improving the merchant names we receive in general. :slightly_smiling_face:


That ‘hat’ though…


@Rika - just to let you know, the same problem is still persisting - trying to add the card to Masterpass still asks to confirm a transaction to “www.vitkac.com”.