[Android] Initial "Split cost using Monzo.me" experience broken


When enabling Monzo.me and then tap to “Split cost using Monzo.me” again, it displays the same “enable monozo.me” page in a loop until you tap back to “home” and select the transaction again.

This impacts the first-time user experience.

Steps to reproduce

Note this is a “first time” only experience, i.e. I can’t reproduce it because there isn’t a way for me to get the app / my account back it’s original state.

  1. Open Monzo app with account which hasn’t enabled Monzo.me yet
  2. Select a transaction from the “Home” tab.
  3. Select “Split cost using Monzo.me” (note Monzo.me introduction page appears with two options, the first being a larger blue button something like “enable”.
  4. Select the 2nd option to under the large blue button at the bottom (some thing akin to “learn more”)
  5. Read through page (scroll to the bottom).
  6. Select the large blue “enable” button. (info page / may / may not have closed - unsure - I feel like I needed to press the “back” button).
  7. On the transaction page, select “Split cost using Monzo.me” again.
  8. Introduction page appears (again) with option to enable
  9. Select “enable”
  10. Loop between 7 and 9.
  11. Select “back” to get to “home”.
  12. Select transaction again.
  13. Select “Split cost using Monzo.me” again (note payment splitting options appear as expected).

Expected result

To pop up with payment splitting options after selecting “enable” the first time.

Actual result

Unable to proceed to splitting options until transaction is closed by returning to “Home” tab and transaction reopened.
No obvious progress made after selecting “enable”.

Extra info

OS: Android 8.1.0 (patch level 5 June 2018)
Device: Google Pixel 2 XL
App Version: 2.1.2 (beta)


:clap: First of all, thank you for such a thorough write-up! You’re an engineer’s dream @DeanMarkTaylor.

Second of all, that’s a really weird bug :thinking: Gonna raise this with the team to see what they think. Thanks for flagging!


No problem, I’m a software developer.

Thought it was important to report because I can imagine your team don’t really go through new-user experience flows when they already have accounts.

I have been holding off on Monzo.me for a while - thought I would give it a look today.


I think our Product Testers would take issue with this :wink:

We have a staging environment and stuff like the sign up flow is tested to ensure other changes don’t break it!

Maybe we should get Aafke or @priscila on the weekly Q and A @simonb?


:grimacing: totally, as they should. Another sequence to add to the tests, if not already there.

If you are trying to think of ideas to talk about…

As a developer I can say I would be interested in what your app testing looks like, automated tools used, etc.
Complications between differences in Android / iOS - now the new web version under development.

An interesting number would be the count of automatic sequences / actions / screen taps. Perhaps how that might have changed over time - i.e. a show of more complete testing / new features / simplifying of the interface.

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You aren’t the first to ask about this… I feel a blog post coming on! :eyes: