[Android] i18n payments, Transferwise not working

Issue: When I try to pay a friend, who lives in NL, via Monzo’s International Payment screen, I cannot proceed beyond BIC/IBAN. The error (sent through Chat) is a yellow box saying please provide recipient first name and last name. There is no box to select. There is only the ability to select Person/Business, and provide BIC and IBAN. I ended up just giving up and selecting Business, which let me through to the next page and made the payment. Selecting Person will keep returning this error.

I’ve enabled Transferwise before doing this, proceeded through 3 screens until this error. The recipient name was entered on the first screen, so not sure why it’s asking again without displaying entry boxes (first name and last name suggests two separate text entries).

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android
Device: Pixel 3
App Version: Monzo v 3.6.0