Not able to setup IBAN international Payee via TransferWise Monzo Integration

I am trying to send money to a family member in Lebanon using their IBAN which I always use to send them money. (used to use LLoyds bank and now I switched to Monzo).

The first time I sent them money, I used Trasnferwise (TW) directly, I set them up as a payee in TW and used the IBAN code, sent the money and it arrived fine.

Now I am trying to avoid having to send the money from Monzo to TW then from TW to my family member’s account.

So I was looking to use the Monzo TW integration in-app, however I can’t get access to the payees I already have in TW nor can I setup a new payee using IBAN. And when I try to setup a new payee I can’t even find the country in the list, although I was already able to find it in TW when I used their website.

My understanding is that all international payments are made using IBAN, so how come Monzo only allows for reference number & account number in international transfer and doesn’t allow me to choose Lebanon?

The Monzo/Transferwise integration doesn’t support all the currencies that Transferwise does on its own so it may be as simple as the Lebanese currency being one that isn’t available yet.


It’s more the actual country rather than the currency, But yeah I was told by the team that I should just stick to TW for now until the country is available through the integration.