[Android] Google Pay card activation can get stuck in unverified state

Issue: I found an edge case that seemed to cause the activation of a Monzo debit card in Google Pay to get stuck.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Add the Monzo card in the Google Pay app
  2. Reach the step where you are asked to open the Monzo app to verify the card
  3. Open the Monzo app, but then (accidentally) hit the back button when the approval prompt appears, causing it to be dismissed
  4. Return to Google Pay and click the ‘Continue’ button again to open the Monzo app
  5. Observe that the Monzo app does not pop up any approval prompt this time

To escape this, I had to remove the card from Google Pay on my device and start the setup process again.

OS: Android 12
Device: Samsung A13
App Version: 4.27.0


I had something along these lines too.

Android 12, pixel 6.