Android app out now!


It doesn’t say anything in the Play store, or in the android app about having to pay £100 until you have spent months queueing and then got half way through the final sign up process.

I only knew about it as I had seen it mentioned on these forums. I think it could be helpful if Monzo were a bit more upfront about the cost and the reasons for it.

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Don’t know when the App download was added to play store , but it does say quite clearly in the second line “to activate your card …”

Presumably the initial Android sign up for Monzo a couple of months back didn’t , however most people must have been following Monzo to take up the invitation of signing up and read something about the app - or are they just serial sign uppers ? and there were several "discussions " about the iPhone 100 quid sign up in July.

£100 is a considerable amount , but it is yours to spend straight away once you receive your card, or as mentioned previously when you change your PIN withdraw any amount you want , stick it in your wallet and top up when you’ve spent the initial amount you leave on the card :slight_smile:

I think Ive read somewhere that the card costs about £40 to produce / register and send out , if people are not going to “test” it by using it , it does rather defeat the objective of trying to produce an Android app that works if you get no feedback from usage.

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Just deposited my £100 - Can’t wait to start using!

Great work guys


I woke up to the new Monzo app and texted and emailed my friends to say it finally here…though I had Android app working for some time. As for freebies I would love one…as only freeby I had so far was my card (you credit it with £100 but the card worth €40 comes free)

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So awesome to finally get the Android app- I’ve been waiting for months and just happened to check the blog yesterday. Card came already and is now topped up- can’t wait to use it tomorrow. My wife and I are both on it now. (Will you guys be doing joint accounts!??)

Impressive you’ve got it done this quickly with a team of 3 in a few months- I assumed you’d have a larger team working on the Android app.

Look forward to updates, and ultimately, dislodging the banks from their perch. Woop!

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Mine arrived today :grin: already used it to buy some groceries earlier. Instant notification on the app. Looking good so far. Excited for the next update (don’t keep us waiting to long please!)


Had my card for almost a week now and using it wherever I can. Already had to top it up twice (beyond the initial £100)!!

Now I’m just waiting to see what/when additional features unlock as it’s currently a little barebones! (appreciate they’ve only just released version 1, but patience around technology was never my strong point!)

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GThe good news is Monzo’s product roadmap has lots of Android features on it, which are due in the next 3 months.

The developer team has grown from 1 person to 3 in the last few months too :tada:

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I’m loving this. I just really can not wait until it’s a fully set up bank.
It’s gonna be awesome just don’t change the cards! They are awesome!