Android app notification settings

I have noticed with my android app I am unable to modify the notification settings and change he settings, such as not to play a sound but vibrate when the transaction loads into the application.

Just a quick suggestion :slight_smile:


Hey Benjamin, thanks! Do you mean in-app or in the general Settings?

In app settings would be useful. I don’t want monzo to use my default notification sound because i only use that for SMS, that way I know what I need to look at and what i can ignore until later without looking at my phone

[Edit] Would be worthwhile being able to customise notifications anyway - I’m not sure I “need” to know on every transaction that it’s been taken from my card - for example, if I’ve just made a online purchase via a mobile app, I may get an in-app notification to say I’ve made a purchase, an email notification with the order details and a Monzo notification to say money has been taken… Just a thought

Just to note, this isn’t available on the iOS version either (although it would be appreciated :smile:), so it’s not a difference in feature parity between platforms.

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