Android App Launch - Periscope Chat 29/9/16 📺

Here’s the link to today’s Periscope chat (the video’s embedded in the tweet)

The team answered questions on:

  • Is Android Pay top up coming soon? (1:27)
  • Why isn’t Android Pay available yet? (2:10)
  • Will users be able to pay with Android Pay? (2:48)
  • Why does Monzo take slightly longer to authorise your card, compared to a normal debit card? (3:23)
  • Who built which parts of the app? (4:24)
  • How long did the whole project take to complete? (6:13)
  • Where does Emma get her awesome t-shirts? :smile: (6:29)
  • When will users be able to pay friends? (7:02)
  • Which features are coming next? (7:47)
  • What did they find hardest about the project ?(8:51)
  • Can the app be used on Android & iPhone at the same time? (10:40)
  • Why is Android better than iPhone? :smile: (11:10)
  • Where can people find the team online (Twitter) (11:35)