An update on PIN lock

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Once they’re in the app all they can do is see your transactions, they can’t move money

I’m guessing you’re on android? A pin lock is being developed for that. Think it has fingerprint already

(Natalia) #63

OK thanks, and yes, i am on Android (samsung). I heard the fingerprint didn’t work very well. And, as for my phone, I actually had to restore my settings as it just decided to stop recognising my fingerprint, after a few months of solid use.
Anyways, let’s wait for the PIN then.

(Nick) #64

Presumably you have a PIN lock on your phone itself. That’s your security. People would only be able to take your phone and click on the app if you’ve already unlocked the phone for them.

A PIN on the Monzo app would be a privacy feature rather than security. Bearing in mind that an unlocked phone is most likely to have an accessible email account on it.

(Natalia) #65

I have to keep my phone unlocked for personal reasons these days, and of course I have a pin on my emails app (it’s not Google or Microsoft) and so now looking for a pin on Monzo:)


Please can any discussion around PIN lock go into one of the existing threads, as it tends to go around in circles and so clog up space :wink:

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Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved the posts surrounding pin lock to this thread. Any updates should be found here :slight_smile:

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I think you’ve heard wrong, I’ve used mine for years and I have zero issues :slight_smile:

Just use the fingerprint lock. It’s much easier than a PIN and arguably more secure. Plus I think you then get an added layer when it comes to payments because you can use this to authorise them too.