An update on PIN lock


i use revolut it has a PIN for me to access my app, it doesn’t bother me and it makes me feel safer knowing if i accidentally leave it unattended. It adds no extra effort for me.


i have an android phone with no fingerprint option, nor would i use this type of feature, as its already been hacked very easily by the group CCC in germany.


Sure; aside from the other points above (you can’t do anything without PIN, you can lock the app with your device’s fingerprint/face scanner), Monzo are working on PIN lock.


I think you’re mixing Privacy with Security.

Monzo App is secure because payments can not be made without PIN or Fingerprint. And you can enable fingerprint to open the App in settings for Privacy. Monzo are working on PIN as posted above

Edit: Added screenshot


True everything cant be on the company but simple little additions such as a pin lock which revolut uses can make that difference, especially if you have someone else use your phone.

But monzo can make every little effort to make it harder for the account to be accessed.
Otherwise its like me saying that the users on my server have to deal with security them self and its not my problem weather they use weak passwords or if i use SSL etc…

(Tony) #46

Thank god a 4 digit number lock is IMPOSSIBLE to hack. Phew.


thats why you have limited trys!
also if you had checked the link it looks like they are suggesting 6 digit codes or emoji codes, not 4-digit codes!

(Tony) #48

Limited tries. What, like with the fingerprint lock?


if you have fingerprint capable phone!

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #50

Can this be merged into to the relevant thread?


There is a reason why i don’t use any of those apps!

(Jack) #52

Hey all, moved the posts here as it’s something that’s already in the works :clap:t2:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #53

Exactly my point. You give them access to their web space but if they do as you have suggested and share their computer with others then there is not much more that you can do. Likewise if they have poor passwords or use libraries or scripts with vulnerabilities then you can’t be held accountable.

All these analogies apply to you and your phone and it comes to a point where you as a customer have to be responsible and vigilant too.


Can we please have another update on when the pin lock feature will be released given it is now 2 months since the last update.


Agreed, this particular topic is due an update. @simonb anything you can tell us?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #57

Yes please, @simonb, I’ve just resurrected an Android phone and would feel a whole lot safer with some sort of app lock.


Which android phone Graham?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #59

An old one. Lenovo K3 Note.

(Chris Rimell) #60

It would be good to get an update on this @simonb especially now that there are interest pots becoming available :sweat_smile:

[Edit: Still no update! Could someone let us know what’s happening with this - it’s not on the Making Monzo page either - paging in @cookywook)

(Natalia) #61

Hello, does anybody know when Monzo are going to introduce any type of security for the app? At the moment, anybody can just take my phone and click on the app and open it without any problems. Are they developing a PIN or any other type of protection?

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