Amount deduction Notification shows wrong


when touching the card at train station the deduction amout notification is displaying wrong amount:
Samsung S7 edge:

Screenshot attached


TFL will make a 10p charge when you touch your card and will later update the charge to the real amount.

I believe this is standard with TFL payments.


Hi Duncan, Thanks for the update… So is it expected

Yeah I think so. I think it will update at some point in the app to the actual amount. Don’t think a notification is sent when that happens though.

I’ve never used TFL but this is just what I’m led to believe.

But, I guess there should be a 2nd Notification with the correct amount deduction after the complete travel is done…

It will update overnight when TfL have worked out how much you owe for the day.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a second notification from TfL. They just confirm the £0.10 at the correct fare I believe so it doesn’t provide a second notification.

But, as per my knowledge Monzo as to send a 2nd notification once the final amount gets deducted.

It’s been so long since I used Monzo on Tfl, I don’t recall if there was a new notification, but I doubt it. It will probably just update the amount silently.

If it’s anything like petrol station ‘pay at pump’ machines (which it sounds like) you don’t get a second notification after the initial pre-auth amount gets updated.

I use my card all the time in buses. 10p is charged and next day its corrected to 3 pounds. No new notification

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This is a temporary charge - the full balance will settle at the end of the day

This is the same process that happens when using the Metrolink here in the sunny metropolis of Mancunianfordshire. You’re debited 10p (for which there is a notification) on the initial tap, and a day (or two) later this changes to the correct value in-app. There is no second notification.