AMEX + Monzo Bills Pot + IFTTT = Closed Loop! 🙌

Its already been considered though. I could just stop putting money aside if I was struggling one month or if I needed some extra cash which would put me into the same situation as you but the spending control is more value to me than having a few extra weeks of holding onto someone else’s money.

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Actually once came on to say something positive as this is awesome. But then remembered I’m in your boat. :roll_eyes:

I’ve found a slight bug with this, not sure if this is limited to my device or a general IFTTT thing.

If I haven’t dismissed my last payment notification and pay for something new the second notification doesn’t trigger the spreadsheet add.

I can work around it by making sure I clear my notifications though so no biggie.

I’m running on a Note 10+.

As for the comments above, personally this isn’t about using ‘credit’, this is purely about building reward points whilst still staying in control of my finances. It means I can move the odd £3 I spend in Tesco for a meal deal to my AMEX and still keep my Monzo balance updated so that I always know where I stand.
AMEX just isn’t the card for borrowing so I have no plans to hold a long-term balance there. There are better products on the market for borrowing.

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Wow, I’m completely amazed by this. If Monzo had something like that natively (and on iOS), this would be such a strong argument to switch to Monzo.
Being able to spend money on a credit card (AMEX/VISA/MC where you earn miles & stuff), and right away move the money from Monzo into a “Credit card” pot… and then at the end of the month, pay the CC bill from that pot… give me that and I’ll sign up right away.


I need this exact feature for my Amex, it’s such a manual process moving the money I spent on my amex directly into my Credit Card pot immediately after. Wish we could do this on iOS


I was thinking is there a way to read the transactions in the IOS wallet app at all?

Sadly not.

The best way to do it on iOS is to set up a Shortcut in the shortcuts app that moves money from Monzo to your Amex pot.

There’s an explanation above in this thread about that, basically end result it an app on your phone you tap and enter the Amex transaction amount and it Moves the money for you

Edit - damn it’s not in this thread. I’ll try and find it and post a link later

Ah that’s a shame! Because the information is all in there.

I know the IFTTT hack to move money into the AMEX pot - but you lose the categorisation feature. I had been thinking of creating separate Pots for each category however at that point it’s easier just to transfer directly from Monzo to the AMEX card.

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Hi, did you find out how to do this? Thanks :grinning:

Whoops, I never came back to the thread with a link!

This is what I set up:

Things you need:

  • Shortcuts on iOS (go into the app settings to allow 3rd party shortcuts)
  • About 15 minutes tops to set it up.

It’s fairly straight forward - though there is a lot of information in the link - shout if you get stuck :slight_smile:

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Completely agree here

I know it’s been a while, but did you ever find a fix for this? I don’t have the exact same issue as yourself but something similar. I swear I dismiss the notification every time but each time the previous payment is added to my pot instead of the current one.

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